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15 Best Japanese Chef Knives to Buy In 2020

Japanese knife means a ”knife of three virtue”, it is a multipurpose knife, used in the kitchen for vegetables, meat, and fish.

Most quality Japanese knives can be sharpened to a much finer angle at the cutting edge and this is because of the harder steel, these knives are becoming more a choice of knife for chefs and those who like fine knives in their kitchen.

Chefs who want perfect cuts and love to utilize their knives in making signature dishes find their best companion in a Japanese knife.

Japanese knives are not just considered as the best knife for a chef but have some amazing benefits compared to other knives and you do not have to be a chef to make use of this knife however it is important to go for quality Japanese knife, they are sharper, cuts through food with ease with the additional benefit of less pressure on the hand muscles and joints.

What are the best Japanese knives to buy in 2020? 

If you are a true culinary connoisseur or enthusiast, you will be searching for some of the best Japanese knives to go for, we have 15 of these knives and this article also breaks down the design and quality.

Benefits Of Using Japanese Kitchen Knives

There are many reasons why chefs prefer Japanese knives, they have been around for centuries and many might think most Japanese chefs have stick to this knife because it’s Japanese but below are some of the reasons why this knife is distinguished and preferred to other knives.

  • Japanese steel knives are the sharpest knives in the world, this is one of it’s most valued features, the edges of Japanese knives are long-lasting and do not need frequent sharpening which is due to the hard steel they are made from. They contain high carbon which makes them hard and allows it to stay sharp for a very long time.
  • Japanese blades are very easy to sharpen, they are thin and lightweight, even if you choose to buy a heavy-duty knife, it is best to go for a Japanese one as to avoid heaviness, which makes cutting harder, a Japanese knife will prevent you from losing all your energy while you cut the meat.
  • The hardness of Japanese knives are unmatchable, these knives can take more punishment and less brittle but can go blunt quickly due to their softness.
  • Steel is the best material for knives and Japanese knives are made of the best types of steel, they are handmade as well which makes it even rare and amazing. You can easily sharpen a Japanese knife at home, they will serve you a long time and they are famous for keeping their edge longer than any other type of knives.

Best Japanese Chef Knives to Buy In 2020

Japanese knives are not just famous for being high quality but also known for their unique shape, an all-purpose Japanese knife is an ideal choice for effortlessly preparing an array of ingredients and if you are not sure if you prefer an all-purpose Gyuto or santoku fits your style, we have rounded up 15 best Japanese knives to buy in 2020 from Amazon.

But here are our top picks:


Shun Classic 8' Chef's Knife - Personalized Rotary Engraving Available

Shun Classic 8 is considered the overall best Japanese knife, this is a pretty good knife and comes with a sturdy edge.

This knife feels good in the kitchen, it encourages a good grip while resting securely in your palm.

Shun knife is great for slicing vegetables as it is lightweight but also heavy enough for use in cutting meat.

This Japanese knife has some amazing features that differentiate it to other knives and that includes the fact that it has a Pakawood handle and a very sharp edge and you can make precise cuts and can be used for years without sharpening.


Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (Octagonal Ambrosia Handle) (9.5' (240mm))

Yoshihiro is another great Japanese knife 10 46 layers, this is a Gyuto knife which every chef find to be essential in the kitchen, it is made of carbon steel.

The Gyuto knife is a well known Japanese knife with a curved blade that smoothly rocks back and forth and has an extended tip for quick chopping that can be used to cut meat, fish, and vegetables.

This has also been known to last for a very long time just like every other Japanese knife.

This knife is complimented with a traditional Japanese Wa-style handcrafted octagonal handle which is lightweight and even the simplest tasks are made easier with this handicraft knife that is just as beautiful as functional.


DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 8' - Gladiator Series - Forged ThyssenKrupp High Carbon German Steel - Full Tang - Black G10 Handle - w/Sheath - NSF Certified

The thickness of the Dalstrong chef knife makes a highly essential chef knife, it is very durable and known as the essential workhouse for any chef who takes his craft seriously and also used by professional restaurant kitchens and even more effective for simple kitchen cooking.

This Japanese chef knife is forged with precision from a single piece of imported premium quality and possesses a wide blade that allows for easy knuckle clearance and the scooping of foods for transfer from cutting board to pot or pan.


Masahiro Japanese Seki Japan 165mm Deba Sushi Chef Fish Kitchen Cutlery Knife Sashimi

Masahiro Japanese knife has lot’s of amazing features and it is easy to look at as it easy to hold, it is made in Seki Japan and is known as the traditional sushi chef knife, very durable and is a great choice fish knife for a sushi chef and serves well in poultry and vegetables as well.

This Japanese knife handle is made with magnolia wood with black resin bolster, it is hand forged with carbon steel which makes it high quality and very essential for use in the kitchen, it comes in portable size and gets only more beautiful with every wash.


ARITSUGU Deba Blue Steel Fillet Kitchen Japanese Chef Knife 150 mm 5.90' Engraved Name

This is a Deba knife that can cut through fish and chicken easily, this knife is also used in preparing and cleaning of the fish.

It is mostly recommended for restaurants that serve fish and meat and can be used to cut fish like salmon, you can even have you name engraved on these knives to make it unique and also be used as a wedding gift.


Mac Knife Japanese Series 8 1/2' Sushi Chef's Knife Extreme Non-Stick Coating (BSX-85)

Mac Japanese series knife is made with high carbon chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel blade with new and improved black nonstick coating, it is lightweight due to lack of a bolster and comes with a thin blade that eases stress on your hand and arm.

This Japanese series knife is completely tapered from the spine to edge creating a v-shaped blade that glides through cuts with ease.

Mac Japanese series knife has been made with precision and a comfortable balance, light-weight, sharp edge, and the thin blade all combine to create a precision tool that makes it easy to handle and control while working on a cutting board.


Yoshihiro (Left-handed) Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Chef Knife (11.8'(300mm), Magnolia Handle)

Sashimi Japanese chef knife is a left-handed 11.8-inch single-edged blade with a traditional grind and a completely flat on front concave ground.

This knife serves a chef well in the kitchen and can also excellent for entry-level chefs, magnolia wood knife sheath, knife oil and rut eraser included. 

This Japanese knife will glide through any type of fish with no pressure, it has a simple elegant design with a handcrafted Mongolia wood, 100% handcrafted in Japan.


Sakai Takayuki Japanese Knife Tus High Carbon Stainless Steel 16612 Gyuto 210mm Chef's Knife

This is another interesting Japanese knife with a durable handle, Sakai Takayuki Japanese blade is made with high carbon stainless steel makes it an impressive knife for chefs.

This knife has high-quality features and known to last for a very long time, very portable and easy to maintain.


SETO Japanese Chef Knives: Damascus Forged Steel from World Famous Seki, Japan (I-5 Pro: 180m/ m: SANTOKU Knife)

Handmade Japanese knives are the best knives to go for in terms of quality and Seto Japanese chef knife is 100% handmade with quality blades of forged steel.

This Japanese knife requires less maintenance compared to traditional high carbon knives, not only is this Seto chef knife gorgeous but it feels great to hold and t a very affordable price too.

SETO Japanese chef knife is very comfortable to use and best known for its beauty and elegance, this could serve as a family knife with a chosen name engraved on it or presented as a gift.


NARIHIRA Japanese Sushi DEBA Chef's Knife 180mm FC-73 Made in JAPAN

This Japanese knife is another essential chef knife, Narihira Japanese knife is a Japanese style Deba knife for cutting any type of fish.

This Japanese nice is affordable and quite beautiful too, the grip has been created with a firm smooth grip and there is a limit to the stress on your arm and hand.


NARIHIRA Japanese Sushi DEBA Chef's Knife 180mm FC-73 Made in JAPAN

This Japanese Santoku knife comes with ergonomic military grade 10 rigid and also known to be very lightweight, strong and extremely durable, it eludes liquid moisture and liquid intrusions.

This Japanese knife is physically stable in varying climates or high temperature, it is designed with an improved grip and ensure maximum stability during slicing.

This Japanese chef knife is very versatile and can be used easily with you are a professional chef or an enthusiast.


Promithi Pro Kitchen Knives,Japanese Meat Cleaver Knife with Wooden Handle,Boning Butcher Knife for Meat Cutting,Handmade Full Tang with Leather Sheath,Chopper Knife Outdoor,Utility Knife,Sharp Blade

Promithi Handmade Japanese Knife is forged with high carbon steel which makes it really great for cutting vegetable meat,.

It can be used as a cleaver slicing knife, however, this might not be great for cutting hard foods like bone, dry pharmaceutical material, and frozen foods.

This knife has interesting blade material and can be maintaining it is very easy to use too.


Vegetable Knife - Japanese Chef Vegetable Knife - Vegetable Cleaver - Usuba Asian Knife - Kitchen Chef Knife - High Carbon Stainless Steel Pro Japanese Cleaver Knife - Best Gift in Stylish Gift Box

Usuba Japanese chef knife is a Japanese knife with a straight edge and it is sharp enough to cut through delicate vegetables without damaging and creating a thin paper slice.

The handle is a fashioned pakkawood for durability and moisture protection, this Japanese chef knife has a unique blade shape and an ergonomic handle that makes this Japanese chef knife great for cutting and it is very convenient to hold and manoeuvre.

This Japanese knife is a very balanced and easy to utilize knife, this is a 7 vegetable pro chef knife and very lightweight with a solid balance, the cutting core and handle are seamlessly attached, prolonging the life of this knife, making it safe and giving it good leverage when chopping.


Yoshihiro Nashiji High Carbon White Steel #2 Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife Magnolia Handle (7'(180mm))

Here is another Yoshihiro series that is highly fashioned by a professional chef, it is has been created with the utmost care to create high-quality knives that offer exceptional performance with exceptional value.

This Japanese knife is one of the most versatile and essential knives, this is a Gyuto Japanese knife with a curved blade that smoothly rocks back and forth and mostly used for it’s extended tip for quick chopping of meat, fish or vegetable.

Nashiji High carbon chef knife requires attention and care and also the honing and sharpening should be done with only water whetstones.

This knife is complimented with a traditional Japanese Wa-style handcrafted handle that is lightweight and ergonomically welds to the hand for seamless use.


Mercer Culinary M22907 Millennia 7-Inch Nakiri Knife, Black

Mercer Culinary is a 7-inch culinary knife for all professional chefs, it is made with the highest quality of Japanese steel, which allows for easy blade maintenance and rapid sharpening for a razor-sharp edge.

This amazing Japanese knife is quite versatile and can be used for cutting fish, vegetable or meat.

This knife has been forged with a combination of Santoprene for comfort and polypropylene for durability and can it is a hand wash knives for blade edge and surface care.

This high-quality Japanese knife has slip resistance, grip and safety to protect your finger and arm.

Buying Guide

Why are Japanese knives so good?

Japanese knives are considered quality and can be sharpened to a much finer angle at the cutting edge and this is because of the harder steel.

Japanese knives are so good as they contribute as a sharper knife that slices and cuts through food with ease and also with the additional benefits of less pressure on the muscles in the arm and joints on the hand.

Are Japanese knives worth it?

Japanese knives are thinner and the harder Japanese knives do hold an edge better, that same harder steel is less durable though and is even more prone to chipping and even breaking however for most chefs Japanese knives are most considered for its sharp edge making cutting and slicing very easy.

Are Japanese knives or German knives better?

Japanese knives harder steel is not as durable as that of a German but the softer-steel German knives are far more durable and won’t maintain an edge for as long as the harder steel and also Japanese knives are thinner and lighter than German or any other western type of blades, it takes labour and lot’s of time to learn the true craftmanship of balancing a Japanese blade compared to a German blade.

Japanese chef knives thus require more care and deserve to be treated with respect as this blade serves lots of chefs well in the kitchen, in terms of sharpness and uniqueness.

The world of kitchen knives can be pretty confusing hence some of the best Japanese knives have been selected with each of its features to help your selection very easy.

There are also professional Japanese oils that can be used to maintain the blade sharpness.

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