Can I Put Frozen Meat In A Slow Cooker?

Can I put frozen meat in a slow cooker?  There is no doubt that many believe this to be perfectly okay and many recipes can be found online on cooking frozen meat in a cooker. If you do forget to take the meat out of the freezer to thaw and you need a way to … Read more

Will Cooking Food Kill The Coronavirus?

The recent pandemic outbreak, coronavirus will have you following a lot of healthy hygienic tips, and some research has shown that the COVID-19 is susceptible to the normal cooking temperature which brings about the question if cooking can kill the virus and how sensitive it is to heat. The science surrounding coronavirus has continued to unfold and … Read more

What Clothes Should And Should Not Be Dry Cleaned?

Maintaining a closet is a big responsibility, especially for individuals who don’t have much time to do it. Regarding cleaning, silk jackets, woollen sweaters, and heavy gowns require particular attention. Traditional washing procedures use excessive water, which weakens the fabric and reduces its quality. As a result, you must choose a better technique for cleaning … Read more

Persian Cucumbers vs English Cucumbers: What’s The Difference?

What makes Persian cucumber different from others? There are various types of cucumber but nowadays Persian cucumber seems to be the most chosen for stir-fries and salads, this might be due to its distinct taste and also Persian cucumber comes in a greater range of length, some shorter, some are longer, and sometimes with slightly … Read more

Passata Tomato: What Makes It Different From Other Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a staple in most regions. Tomatoes are picked at their pinnacle and transformed rapidly into passatas and canned tomatoes, frequently inside long stretches of them being gathered. Canned tomatoes frequently contain tomatoes, salt, and citrus extract. But now, there’s additional salt (as a rule to slashed tomatoes to carry it’s molding while it’s … Read more