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7 Things to Do When You Forget Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

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Oh no! Did you let yourself forget your girlfriend’s birthday?

We hope you had a good time and had no lasting effects! We’re kidding, of course, but we’d really like to help you find a way to atone for your mistake.

We all live a dynamic life full of many obligations, so we often forget important dates. Of course, this is not an excuse, but we are sure that your girlfriend did not take it all tragically either.

However, it is up to you to find a way to compensate, without doing it in a forced and artificial way.

Forgetting a birthday isn’t a huge tragedy, but still, try to remember at least the anniversary or other significant date so you don’t really piss her off too much. Until then, we recommend that you pay attention to her in one of the following ways:

1. Flowers are always a great option

Flowers may be an old-fashioned way of showing attention, but they’re still effective and can help you fix the problem the same day. You can always buy it yourself, or have it delivered to her office or home address.

Flowers are a delicate matter, so you must be careful not to make a mistake with the choice of your favorite flower or with the delivery. Always choose flower shops that are near you, that is, in the city where you live. What is important is to choose a quality service, for example, if you are in Melbourne, focus on Flower Delivery Melbourne services through amazinggrazeflowers.com.au. You can do the same wherever you are in the world.

2. Apologize, but do it honestly

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An apology must be sincere, because if it isn’t, then it’s worth nothing. We recommend that you don’t try to make excuses, especially if your girlfriend is really angry. Instead of saying sorry 10 times, do something that is meaningful to her and will replace many words.

For example, you can always organize a belated celebration in a place that is important to both of you and that you know she really loves. You can also make an extra effort with the gift.

Preparing an apology gift will make your apology more sincere. If you want to fix your relationship, you can customize your lover with some special pins that can be the perfect apology gifts. You could directly upload her pictures or pictures of you together and make them off-set printing pins. Or you could get the comic version of her or you two and have more creative pins from you. But don’t worry that the customization process will consume too much of your energy. The professional team will give you full help and perfect service. Order Now on GS-JJ.com and have a try!

Show your girlfriend that you are truly sorry for forgetting to wish her a happy birthday on time. Don’t expect her to put her nose down right away, because she has every right to continue to be angry with you, just as you would be if she forgot your birthday.

Don’t create pressure, do something from the heart and celebrate the belated birthday in a way that will be remembered for a lifetime. Show her that you really are sorry, instead of repeating empty words all day.

3. Try not to make her angrier than she already is

Don’t try to get away with excuses like forgetting or that you thought her birthday had recently passed. Don’t make excuses that birthdays aren’t important and that you’re not the type of person to celebrate.

Also, avoid making excuses that the florist was late or that you wanted to throw a surprise, as this will not improve the situation. Don’t blame someone else because you didn’t pay attention to the calendar.

If she is a person celebrating her birthday, none of these excuses will work for her.

4. Assess whether you can get away with joking

If your girlfriend has a strong sense of humor, you can joke about different topics, for example, that she uses a different calendar or that you live in different time zones and it’s not her birthday yet. But make a good judgment about this, because you can easily make the situation worse, especially if you are angry and irritable, or you really hurt her with your forgetfulness.

Note that you are allowed to make a joke of this only if there is really room to do so, without causing a bigger conflict.

5. Buy the most beautiful birthday cake

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Everything is better when you have cake at home. Cakes, pastries, and other sweets have been proven to calm nerves and improve mood. Of course, cakes are a symbol of birthday celebrations, so it can be a really good idea to redeem yourself with a big and delicious cake.

It is important to know that it is very important to decide on the right birthday cake style and not to try to compensate with chocolate, cookies, or other types of desserts.

6. Give her enough time to stop being angry with you

You certainly don’t want to spend your days angry, but if you try to convince her that there is nothing wrong with your forgetfulness, you can only make the situation worse. We recommend that you leave enough time for her to calm down and approach you herself. In fact, this will happen much faster than you expect.

The most important thing is to show her that you are sorry for your actions and that you are aware that you were wrong. Finally, maybe she herself will suggest that you celebrate in a special way and create wonderful memories from it.

7. Promise that such a thing will not happen again

Nowadays we have all the possible tools available so that we don’t forget anyone’s birthday anymore. Therefore, promise her that you will never forget her birthday again, and then edit all the reminders for next year yourself.

Just like with an apology, so with a promise – you have to be sincere and really mean it, not just saying it to get away with the moment.

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Things like this can easily happen to everyone. But, we all have to show how sorry we are, sincerely apologize, and try to compensate somehow. And we recommend that you really get into the habit of checking your calendar and even setting notifications so you don’t forget. Although for some it’s not a big deal, many relationships have broken down simply because someone often forgot and did not pay attention to important dates.

We hope that you’ve learned your lesson, and won’t let this happen again.