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How Long Will Teeth Hurt After Braces – 2024 Guide

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Braces and discomfort. It is a familiar pairing. Once you know if you had this type of implant. You can’t avoid it. It’s just not possible. It is quite ordinary to feel discomfort when undergoing dental procedures such as this one. After all, you’ll be blessing the insides of your mouth with an invading object. But, it is not an ever-lasting sensation. It is only tied to the period immediately after you install the braces on.  Whatever uncomfortable feeling you experience in your mouth, and surrounding your teeth, should disappear after only a  few days. Of course, it will return each time you adjust them.

What you’ll be experiencing will make you feel discomfort. That feeling could spread to other parts of your face. Mainly lips and cheeks, but it will not last too long in these areas too. Each time you adjust them, this sensation should last less and less. If you do not want to take our word on it, you can contact dental professionals such as dr David McScurdy, but you’ll meet similar, if not identical opinions and claims about braces. Whatever your course of action might be in the future regarding dental interventions.

Where Does The Pain Come From?

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Well, we call it pain. But it is not painful. Not really. It’s not pain in the true sense of the word. Yes, you’ll have a foreign object in your mouth, adjusting your teeth. But, while it might be uncomfortable it is by no means painful. If it’s making you feel true distress you should seriously consider contacting a doctor. What you’ll be experiencing without a doubt the inside of your mouth is a sort of pressure. It will create a weird feeling. Nothing compares to having braces. It’s like being at a dentist’s office for a few months every day. Unpleasant.

Today, dental medicine has advanced sufficiently that braces are made to cause as little to no pain at all. But, our mouths are restricted. When you add them for the first time it might occur that they’ll be rubbing your checks. If it continues it might be causing irritations. Even smaller cuts are a possibility. Not to mention that even bruises can appear. Most people get used to it after a while. Your cheeks will become more resistant with time.

Can It Be Avoided?

As we said, some degree of pain will be present. There’s no changing that. There’s no point in trying. We stated that it is not painful in the true sense of the word. So, you are better off learning how to deal with it. But, the discomfort will be present in the majority of cases. So, what should you do? First, there are exceptions. Yes, there are examples of individuals who go through the whole process without feeling a thing. Others might have more issues but all of them are solvable. After all, braces are intended to make our lives easier. But, some complications can’t be avoided.

For some, it’s longer. It can take time. Others require you to wear them only for a matter of months. Yes, some people are that lucky. It all depends on the individual. So, if you have braces on,  and are feeling a little uncomfortable you must be wondering if there’s something you can do to go through the adjusting period faster. Luckily for you, and everyone with the same issue, there is. The good news is that you can make yourself feel better through a few simple actions.

Soft Foods

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Diet is important for our well-being. When it comes to dental procedures it becomes even more vital. For a while, you should avoid chewing. Soft foods will be your best friend. Braces have very few of them. Soft foods top the list. You do not want to put any additional pressure on your braces, in the period after you install them. What you’ll require is special care necessary for your gums and teeth health. So, instead of seeking to please your stomach, please your mouth first.

The best options you have include foods such as mashed potatoes, various types of soups, and noodles. These are the best options. They’ll make you avoid too much contact with your mouth. Hard foods, at the beginning of your teeth-adjusting journey, are to be avoided. Furthermore, you should focus on cold beverages. But, more on that is below.


Yes, you heard it well. Ice! As we suggested, coldness can help with your braces. Cold drinks and food can help too, but you’re not going to be thirsty and hungry at all times. In fact, having a brace might diminish your appetite. On the other hand, your gums might need relief quite often during the first few days of having braces. So, putting an ice pack on the side of your checks might be just what you’re looking for. This is a cure as old as time. It still works today, even when medicine has advanced so far.


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Modern medicine can also play a role. In some severe cases, you require real medical help. You can find plenty of over-the-counter meds that will help you relieve the pain. The most recommended medication in this situation is called Advil. Its goal is to help people who have issues with braces. While meds can do the trick if you need them for a prolonged period we suggest that you see a medic. In most cases, these meds come in the form of gels.


Wax has so many appliances in real life. But, we’re not talking about candles. Nor hair. Instead, think about a matter that’s called orthodontic wax. Yes, that’s a thing. If you start wearing braces you’ll hear about it quite a lot. It is used to create a barrier in your mouth. In some instances, you’ll need a separation between your teeth and gums. This is a matter when you’re going to prevent any possible cuts and irritations before they even happen. All of these solutions are worth taking a look at. So do not be fearful of braces. They are an issue you can handle.