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Packaging Options For Private Label Water: Bottles, Cans, And More

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In the food and drinks industry, private-label water is becoming more and more popular as businesses want to stand out from the competition and boost their profitability margins. However, selecting the right container for private-label drinks can be a crucial choice that affects both the quality of the product and the reputation of the business. Private-label water is offered in various container styles, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

The packaging choices for private-label range in terms of material, size, and personalization, from aluminum cans and bottles to Tetra Packs and glass jars. In this post, we’ll examine some of the most popular private-label packaging alternatives and their distinguishing characteristics. This article will familiarize you with some of the most common packaging options for private-label water and how a reliable supplier can make a difference:

Bottles: Pet Plastics, Glass, Aluminium & More

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One of the most preferred forms of packaging private label water is bottles. The major reason is their effective portability and availability in multiple shapes and sizes depending on the supplier. Bottles are a form of packaging that is the most popular, but bottles are categorized based on their material. They are available in plastics, metals, glass, and more.

They are extremely convenient, portable to carry, and sustainable due to less material wastage and size variety. Opting for the right private-label water supplier can ensure a variety of options when it comes to sizing and material types. They can also offer customization prospects with techniques like printing, shrinking wrapping, and labeling.

Suppliers often range their bottle sizes from 8 oz to 1 gallon with different styles, materials, and more. The right supplier can ensure BPA-free materials for PET plastics and promise affordability so your budget doesn’t exceed. They ensure strength and durability because that is the essence of sustainability.

In actuality, customers favor aluminum packaging over alternatives by a margin of 49.8%. Compared to plastics, the emissions are 7% to 21% lower and around 50% lower than glass. Metals like aluminum that are easily recycled are the best packaging supplies when it comes to protecting freshwater. They not only improve upon what paper accomplishes but also lessen the drawbacks of paper bottles.

In contrast to paper, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely and also possesses sturdiness and consistency. The ideal vendor will provide aluminum that is safe and of the highest grade. Additionally, they can offer adaptable chances for reselling houses. In addition, recycling takes less energy than recycling glass or paper cartons and can be completed in two months.

Metallic Cans

Because of their versatility and simplicity, cans are a common choice for private-label water bottling. They are lightweight, compact, and easily recyclable. Because they are lighter and play a crucial role in maintaining the freshness of the water, cans made of aluminum are the most popular container for private-label water.

Additionally, cans can be personalized by printing or labeling the brand’s tag and logo on them. They are majorly used in travel packing, hiking, and trekking. However, a major drawback of this type of packaging is the lack of reusability. They are only for one-time use and disposal.

Canned water packaging is gaining immense popularity, especially for specific water types like spring, purified, or sparkling. The right private-label water supplier can provide a stellar designed bottle and a wide range of water types to suit your brand requirements and imaging needs. They also provide a high-end customization ability so that your business is represented with sleek accuracy.

They bring to the table a team of professional experts in artistry, creating a stunning logo design and personalized formatting needs to suit the label size. They also provide a sample of the label because your priorities are theirs.

Whether you require a plastic prototype or an eco-friendly kind, they make sure they keep your requirements in mind- from PET plastic bottles to paper-made plastic-free ones, they bottle with the choice of water type you require. To get a reliable and affordable private-label water supplier for your brand, check this site out!

Tetra Packs

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Tetra packs are gaining popularity, especially in the paper-based sustainable form of water packaging. Tetra packs are essentially cartons, and they boast a huge amount of sustainability, ethics, and eco-friendliness. This carton-based packaging provides multiple benefits, like portability, easy storage, and recyclability. However, they have been questioned for their durability and quality as paper materials often interact with the water contents and manipulate the structural integrity of the molecules.

However, tetra packs are gaining popularity, and technological developments tackle the limitations. Being opaque, it provides a sleek and effective barrier against outside forces and factors from interacting with the liquid. Tetra packs are often made from bamboo shoots and paperboard and also consist of a metallic lining to prevent interaction with external forces and maintain the freshness of the liquid.

The lining is often made from aluminum to push further the sustainability concept, where the foil lining can be recycled and reused. The right private-label supplier can provide professional advice on its handling and makeup so that you can prioritize sustainability while also customizing the label to represent the brand image aptly.

Water Pouches

If you want your private-label water on the go, water pouches are the way. Not only do they come in a range of sizes, from tiny single-serving pouches to huge multi-serving ones, but they are also ethical and eco-friendly by using flexible PET plastics. Pouches are compact and portable, and thus, make them perfect for those market segments that love to travel. They are also unique in terms of design.

They can be personalized with the brand name and logo so that your brand image is aptly represented. However, they are less durable than the other options discussed so far. While they are a unique option, they are very delicate to handle.

Glass Jars

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Nothing beats elegance as much as glass does. Glass jars are extremely eco-friendly, although not as much as aluminum bottles. They are recyclable and perfect for aesthetics. If you are a business that wants to capitalize on design, glass bottles pay half that rent. They are exquisite, luxurious, and elegant ways of packaging quality water from your private label supplier.

Glass jars like mason jars are the first option for people capable of a premium feel and luxury while also conveying a sense of sustainability and care for the environment. It displays sophistication and quality. They are reusable, recyclable, and are also very durable in use. Opting for opaque glass jars can prevent external factors from manipulating the contents of the liquid. Brand logos and labels can be perfectly integrated through sleek printing and etching.


In conclusion, the containers of private-label water are extremely significant in expressing the brand’s personality and affecting how the consumer views the item in question. While improper design can harm the brand’s image, proper packaging can increase the product’s value and draw in a devoted consumer base.

Private-label water brands can select the choice that best fits the market they are targeting, budgetary constraints, and marketing objectives by weighing the various packaging alternatives accessible. The packaging can be altered to create a distinctive and memorable product that stands out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.